Darren (alien_eight) wrote,


so yesterday i lost my glasses, so i had to get a ride into work. as i was making a sandwich i looked into the mirror, and i didn't recognize myself. partially b/c i couldn't see clearly, but more b/c it was the first time in like 3 years i've seen my face w/o glasses and jewlry. i'm actually have quite the handsome face when it isn't cluttered w/ shit(boring, but handsome none the less). when the hell did that happen?!?!

saw big fish last night. easily the best movie ever. i could have gone w/o seeing danny divedo's ass though.

i got home at like 11:30, then mel IMed me to hangout. we ended up driving around and having a 2 1/2 hour long heart to heart. it was really nice, i think it was just what the doctor ordered.
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