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hey kids! breaking the law pays! mathmaticly speaking...

so i was taking the light rail to work this morning. and for once in my entire existence, there was a cop checking for tickets. see, usually i sit right next to the door, so in the unlikely event an officer of the law does decide to check tickets, i can just slip out. this time however, your dear narrator sat in the middle of the car and went to sleep. there's nothing worse than being woken up by a cop (hey, at least i wasn't wreaking of booze this time!). obviously, your hero didn't pay the fare, so a transit citation totaling 35 bucks was drawn up.

at first i was bummed, then i realized that a round trip light rail ticket costs $3.20. which (pay close attention here, kiddies) goes into 35 roughly 11 times. since about 3 years ago when the light rail became one of my primary modes of transit, i may have payed for a ticket maybe 3 or 4 times, and rode for free a hell of a lot more than 11 times. so, it wasn't really a fine, so much as the state asking me to pay back a little bit of the money i owe them. whether i was honest or not, i still would be out 35 bucks, probably more if i rode legit.

i swear, if my unwillingness to play by the rules doesn't kill me, my positive outlook will...
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