Darren (alien_eight) wrote,

stolen from iggy...

Post a memory of me in the comments. It can be anything you want. Then, post this to your journal and see what people remember of you.
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Us walking in the north end, me spitting and offending 4 grown men.

its really sad that i can't think of something, considering i consider you one of my dearest friends. all i know is that yr darren + i ::heart:: you muchly.
when we went to that toxic show and you and i fucked shit up, and then you gave me the brass, and i fucked up this kid w/ em like 10 min after you gave em to me or somthin, well whatever happend me and my friend devin and mabey you i dont remember, busted the shit out of him.
us at pu pu hot pot...everyone at the table is enjoying thier deliciously meat filled dishes as you are waiting for your tofu all hungry & sad like then jeremy says "you can eat crab rangoons, crabs don't have any real face"
Remember that time we fought against the anti union aliens that were nazi's? Like you put one hand in the air, clenched the other in a fist and proceeded to BUST SOME SHIT UP!!!!!
I have a lot of Philly memories of you. Like when we ate Subway in Cristi and Serge's room. And that time in the car on the way to Maryland when we kept talking about Capcom vs. SNL.
9 out of 10 right on my quiz after only knowing me for a couple of days. believe me, it made my day. :] ♥