Darren (alien_eight) wrote,

wander lust is setting in.

the lines on the road are a moment in time. from a distance, they all seem to blur together. as they creep closer, each one starts to develop special characteristics. then it's on you. you can see the little stripe for what it is. you can see the the cracks, how off-center it is, every detail. then just as you experience it, it's gone. replaced by another similar, yet very different, stripe. life is ticking by, and you don't even realize it...

so yeah, i want to leave. the road is calling and i must oblige.

i think i would like boston. i fell in love as soon as i stepped of the bus, i must confess. i probably won't stay for too long, though. maybe a month or two. does anyone up there have a spare room or couch they'd be willing to spot a brother? i'd only be bringing some clothes, my records, and what little cash i can get together. i'll get a job at a supermarket cutting meat to pay rent and stuff, unless someone can pull some other job out there ass, that would be fine too. i wonder where mark is staying. i'm sure he could help me out, if only for a little bit. for the record, i'm being dead serious. come on kids! it'll be funn!!
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