Darren (alien_eight) wrote,

mildly amusing story.

went into the city yesterday to hangout w/ erin. while i was there, i saw my first cicada. man, they're even scarier in person. one tried to eat me, i shit you not. anyway, i was driving back home on 295, when i hear that ominous buzzing noise. the calling card of a cicada swarm. bear in mind i was going 60 mph, and i was wearing a motorcycle helmet. hearing the person right next to you is next to impossible in these conditions, but i can hear these bugs from like 30 feet away. thats how loud it is. at this point, i'm freaking out. if a 2 inch long, hard as a fucking rock bug comes flying out of the woods and hits me, not only is it going to hurt, i'm going to panic, i'm going to crash, and i'm going to die. i know this, might as well not lie to myself. but i manage to keep my cool, stay alert, and miss all potential hazards. i get to my exit, so i put on my turn signal and get over. barreling the on ramp comes a huge pickup truck. he almost side swiped me, but thanks to my already heightened state of alertness, we didn't collide and i made it home safely. what makes this story hilarious, in my eyes anyway, was that the truck had scrolled across it in big black letters,"Terminex".
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