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thoughts and misadventures from the worlds greatest anti-hero.

sometimes anti-social, always anti-fascist

anarchists- we're pro-choice on everything!
4 skins, a.s.a.p., activism, against me, anarchism, anarchist theory, anarcho-syndicalism, angelic upstarts, animal liberation, anti homophobia, anti-drama, anti-drugs, anti-fascist, anti-racist, anti-religion, anti-sexist, anti-war, art, aus rotten, b-movies, bad jokes, bad manners, bakunin, baltimore, banner of hope, beer, behind enemy lines, billy bragg, blatz, blitz, boh, books, boots, calvin and hobbes, cartoons, cheap beer, class war, cock sparrer, cockney rejects, comic books, comics, conan o'brien, conflict theory, direct action, diy, diy-auction, dropkick murphys, equality, family guy, fate 2 hate, fighting chance, fleas and lice, friends, funeral dress, guitar, gut instinct, h20, hardcore, head-butting things, heavy metal, hip hop, hiphop, home brew, horror, horror movies, hudson falcons, hxc, iron maiden, iww, jerry reed, labor unions, last resort, lower class brats, madness, menace, milk and cheese, misfits, murphy's law, museums, natty boh, ninjas, oi, oi polloi, oi!, one big union, philadelphia, photography, pirates, pro-choice, punisher, punk, punk rock, r.a.s.h., reading, red alert, reggae, road trips, s.h.a.r.p., shennanigans, shows, ska, skinhead, skinhead fashion, skinhead reggae, socialism, solidarity, stiff little fingers, stout, tattoos, the adicts, the business, the clash, the class assassins, the dead end boys, the iww, the misfits, the oppressed, the partisans, the pogues, the selecter, the simpsons, the specials, the strike, the toy dolls, trad skins, trads, transformers, troma, unity, veganism, vegetarianism, warzone, writing, zombies